FTL Moda gives brands the opportunity to present samples of their collection in one of the four showrooms in Europe and the US. Press events and media presentations are held in these venues on a regular basis. 

Buyers, bloggers and press are more than welcome at FTL Moda’s showrooms in New York, Milan and Berlin. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 



Our Midtown Manhattan showroom is located in New York’s fabled Fashion District, in the iconic 530 Seventh Avenue building.

Under the guidance and expertise of international Producer Ilaria Niccolini, the NY showroom operates with a team of dynamic professionals, offering a customizable range of services including.



FTL Moda’s second showroom is located in the middle of the Città Studi district of Milan, at Viale Gran Sasso 11. With a team of five professionals, FTL Moda Italia focuses on the U.S. and European market penetration, PR activities, provides assistance to editorial activities, and is involved in the commercial development of its represented brands.

FTL MODA and HellenC Group operate from their Milan headquarters at Viale Gran
Sasso 11.



The third showroom is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Under the guidance of Ilaria Niccolini and stylist Pablo Patanè, the Berlin showroom provides samples for high-end editorial shoots and functions as a meeting point for European designers and customers.

FTL MODA operates from their Berlin showroom at Wöhlertstraße 9.