Finish the sentence… with Sonja Tafelmeier during NYFW

Sonja Tafelmeier Couture joined FTL Moda for another season during New York Fashion Week – This time in virtual reality.

Every season Sonja combines the latest fashion trends with quantum physics and shows a unique collection. Inspired by Prince, Sonja designed a men’s and women’s collection in purple and black colors, which was presented at the Samsung 837 Space on Valentine’s Day. We asked Sonja to finish 15 sentences to create a personal recap of the event. The outcome is amazing!

My greatest moment during the #FTLMODA360 event waswhen I experienced the huge enthusiasm for my collection and when people felt in love with my vision immediately.

I love working with Ilaria Niccolini, because… she combines a beautiful mind and a big, big heart with enormous visionary and professional power.

I love working with FTL Moda, because… working with these highly talented people is enormously thrilling and inspiring. It is so joyful and pure happiness.

It made my really happy to seethat the cooperation with FTL Moda, Samsung and me is the perfect match to transfer my vision into reality.

I couldn’t stop laughing, when… Ilaria and me did a toast with Voltaren.

Working with FTL Moda means to meto be truly understood.

I loved the afterparty, because… the atmosphere was cosy and relaxed.

The Samsung Space took my breath away, becauseI wanted to move in immediately ;).

Being a part of NYFW means to meto be at the right place.

The funniest moment of the #FTLMODA360 event was for mewhen I saw my 3D video for the first time.

FTL Moda surprised me withit’s playful and never ending creativity.

I already missmy FTL Moda Family in New York.

Virtual reality means to me… the new and only modern way of runway show – the future arrived in fashion.

Seeing my collection in virtual reality made me feelunlimited good. It is so much fun.

I got nervous, when… there was nothing to got nervous about.