When we think about GABS, blue buttons, surprising colors and crazy prints pop up in our head. Let’s get you familiar with the brand – falling in love with it is so easy!

Mix the letters of the word BAGS and you get GABS – this brand is all about bags, wallets, and everything what comes with it. Their collections are colorful, flashy and supposed to amuse a woman in her daily life.

GABS says: never take yourself too seriously! And the result are lines including over 10,000 of colors and materials, chosen by the designer Franco Gabbrielli with well-known Italian love and creativity.

Are you looking for high quality bags with enjoyable prints, recognizable and fun? Browse through the Studio-, Luxury- and Gabsille Lines.

If it doesn’t get your smile, it cannot be GABS!

Find GABS in over 1,000 stores in 48 countries or just contact us for more information.