With a background in economics and a B.A. in Arts and Literature, Ilaria entered the U.S. market in 2000 with a dream: to assist brands and entrepreneurs who value beauty, style, efficiency, and humanitarian ideals.

Over the past 16 years, Ilaria and her FTL MODA platform have created outstanding PR experiences for everyone from celebrities to the Academy Awards panel to internationally renowned designers and artists. Her PR activity and strategy have been supported by her strong roots as an entrepreneur and her full experience in internationalization of brands from Europe to the U.S.

Her two decades of expertise in relationship with governmental institutions and trade players combine today with the top-tier placement of the FTL MODA platform in the fashion industry. The in-house PR and press office develops a 360-degree integrated marketing approach, and personalized goal-focused strategies.

Further, FTL MODA partners with Fashion Week Online — the world’s top dedicated fashion week resource — for branding and other support, being sure to root each client’s all-important brand image into the fashion market while glamorizing the artistry and innovative approach of each design.

Since its founding, FTL MODA has obtained many recognitions and endorsements as a platform of excellence to represent designers, maisons, and brands seeking to make a difference.